The a ’la carte Indian menu at Basmati Restaurants cover a wide area of the Asian sub-continent, including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The menu hosts the traditional range of Indo-Asian restaurant cuisine as well as unique home style Bangladeshi and Indian dishes.

Basmati’s executive chef, Nasar Miah’s cooking ethos is a back to basics approach. Cooking in a manner that has been used in every Asian home for generations. With attention to subtle flavours and seasoning. No use of artificial flavours or preservatives. Preparation and cooking of food and breads is on a daily basis, so you can be assured of freshness. The chef’s signature dishes are only available at Basmati Restaurants, and nowhere else in the UK.

In addition to returning to traditional methods of cooking, there is an emphasis to use as much local produce as possible. Hampshire farms provide us with our fresh vegetables, with no GM products. The poultry and lamb are from ethically sourced producers and contain no added proteins.